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Enertor Medical is fast becoming the UK's largest and most trusted orthotic manufacturer, with the number of clinicians increasing by over 60% in the last year. We believe this proves our orthotics are a major contributor to the successful treatment of patients in all clinical settings and coincides with Enertor Medical developing into one of the preferred suppliers into the NHS and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Enertor Medical Ambassador

8 time Olympic Champion Usain Bolt, used Enertor Medical insoles during his Olympic training to help recovery from injury

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Bespoke and Ready to Wear Orthotics

Offering an award winning bespoke orthotic service, manufactured using the latest technologies and material options. Enertor Medical also supply a range of prefabricated insoles available to order from stock for your patients, with choices to suit many foot types and conditions. These clinically proven devices can be purchased quickly and easily through our ONLINE SHOP

Independent Expert Endorsements

"My patients are benefitting from the comfort and also protection from the shock absorbing qualities that PX1® material has. PX1® has revolutionised the industry given 2 x more shock attenuation than other materials.”

-NHS Podiatrist

Bespoke Orthotics

We've supplied private clinics across the U.K, The Ministry of Defence and NHS with bespoke orthotics for over 25 years. Our fully bespoke orthotics are available in Co-Polymer Carbon Material or E.V.A.

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Vacuum Formed

Vacuum Formed manufacture involves vacuum forming a sheet of heated thermoplastic material over the positive cast.

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Ready to Wear

Sold as they come- check out our extensive range of Ready to Wear (Off the shelf) orthotic insoles at wholesale prices.

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