8 Professionals Who Need Insoles | Enertor Medical

8 Professionals Who Need Insoles | Enertor Medical

Runners and athletes are not the only ones who need insoles. Some professions are very demanding on your body, although it is not related to sports. Most people will not realise that they do not need insoles.


It is no secret that nurses are always on the move. Most of them will work in busy and large hospitals and need to travel from unit to unit, patient to patient. Not only do they stand up all day, but being a nurse also involves long work shifts and hours, going up to 12 hours a day. You can imagine how feet can be affected by this work pattern, combined with stress, repetition, and lack of rest.

This also applies to surgeons, who can be required to stand long hours during surgery, and it is unlikely that they will leave patients waiting on the table when needing their feet to rest up.


This might be a surprise, but being a postman requires a certain level of fitness. Contrary to nurses, shifts might be *relatively* shorter, but don’t be fooled! Postmen usually walk with all Amazon Prime and your latest online purchase, which add up to significant weight. 

Don’t believe us? Read on to find out a testimonial from Royal Mail’s forum.

“I have a pedometer on my phone and it records how far you travel. My shortest distance I have walked in a day so far was 10 miles and the longest was 14. The routes worked out on a map may be shorter but you have to factor in walking up and down each driveway and up and down stairs all day in blocks of flats.

Your bag can weigh a maximum of 16kg. That is your weight limit which must not be exceeded. You can reach this weight quite easily on high-volume mail days when you fill your bag with bundles of mail and parcels as well as a water bottle (trust me you will need that). The bag gets lighter as you deliver mail. You are expected to walk at a constant 4mph with that heavy bag all day otherwise your partner will be tapping his foot and cursing you when you get back to the van.

So if you think you can carry up to 16kg on your shoulder while walking 4mph for up to 14 miles in a day which can last up to 8 hours. . . then you might just make it. The way I see it, every postman is an athlete.”

Could you walk 10 (yet even 14) miles with 16kg on your back? 


Did you know that waiters can work an average of 40 to 48 hours per full-time week?

Hospitality is known to be a very demanding industry. Long shifts, noise, fast-paced rhythm, difficulty taking breaks, stress… Most people often underestimate the impact these jobs can have on their workers. Experts at Enertor recommend for waiters and waitresses use insoles. Their feet will thank you for it!


If you’re a hostess, we would not be surprised if you experience chronic foot pain. You most likely stay upright for hours and the soles of your feet are forced to stay in the same position. 

It is also most likely that you’re wearing high heels or shoes that are more designed for a fashion than a support purpose. High heels put great pressure on the balls of your feet, and are not advised by podiatrists as being appropriate workwear for such demanding jobs.

They often cause hammertoes, bunions, corns, and calluses; but also nerve and ligament damage.

Retail workers

Working behind the counter is not as easy as it looks too! Some retail workers will have to stand eight hours in a small space; while managing customer service, managing inventory, and responding to customer requests.

While it might not help to deal with difficult customers, getting support for your feet will improve how you go through your day and the energy you’ll have left to enjoy life outside retail. 

Construction workers

Many construction workers stay prolonged time on asphalt or concrete flooring and other hard, unyielding surfaces, where sites often take place. This causes daily battering, which increases especially when being overweight. 

It is also interesting to know that age is a contributing factor to being able to put up with such demanding conditions. For example, when someone reaches 50, they will have logged more than 75,000 miles; which means their feet will have lost half of their fat pads. You might wonder: why does it matter? These pads protect parts of your body, but also protect against plantar fasciitis, which is a very common foot injury.

Massage therapists

While clients are having one of the best times of their day, melting into the massage table, and enjoying a relaxing moment, massage therapists might not be offering themselves the same self-care. Not all massage therapists work full time, but many of them work part-time due to their clients' schedules.

When becoming pros, massage therapists are recommended to consistently stretch in between massages, work on their posture, and practice strength training to keep their bodies from getting sick during such long hours.

Flight attendants

Being a flight attendant has its lows! Passengers will always see them walking up and down the cabin; women often wear heels while doing so too. They easily fly from 65 to 85 hours per month. Some flight attendants get bunions and corns as a result, without mentioning the damage heels provoke to their feet in general. 

Being all day on your feet certainly has an impact on your body, that, uncatered for, can become injured and transform your daily life into pain. But don’t worry, insoles can help! Find out more about the benefits and what to look for in walking insoles.

Whilst Enertor Medical has over 25 years Orthotics experience, our blog content is provided for informational purposes only 

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