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Enertor Foot Scanning System

Enertor Foot Scanning System

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Enertor Medical in partnership with RSscan Lab are proud to introduce our latest Foot Scanning system. Designed with clinicians in mind- our latest system is portable, accurate, affordable, easy to use and a great clinical tool for the modern clinic.

The Enertor Foot Scanning system is a 0.5m single step pressure measurement plate.

RSscan Lab ​have been working with gait analysis systems for over 25 years and have built up a reputation with clinics around the U.K for their work on developing Foot Scanning systems

If you want to measure your patient's static, balance and dynamic for the purpose of treatment assessments or monitoring- the new system is the right choice for you.

Ordering orthotics is made simple and smooth, we will offer you support every step of the way.

Give us a call, on 01473 834891 if you are thinking of expanding your Foot Scanning services at your clinic.

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