Can Bespoke Orthotics help your back pain injuries?

Can Bespoke Orthotics help your back pain injuries?

Lower back pain injuries can be caused by a number of things. If you feel like you’ve tried everything, consider using insoles, or orthotic inserts in your shoes. Sometimes, lower back pain can be caused by a misalignment that begins in the feet and ankles. Using orthotic insoles may help correct that alignment. This can reduce pressure on the lower back and eliminate pain. Using orthotic shoe inserts can also help to reduce pain from other conditions affecting the feet.

How does the position of my feet effect my back?

We’ve talked about it briefly, let’s look at the specifics. If you have pronated (rolled in) feet, your weight will fall on the outer edges of your feet, instead of centrally. This causes the ankles to turn in to compensate. The displaced ankles put pressure on the knees, which causes hip displacement. This unsteadiness in the hips puts extra pressure on the spine, and can destabilise it. When all of these joints and muscle groups are trying to compensate for misaligned feet, back pain can result.

What sort of foot problems can affect my lower back?

Orthotics can help correct gait. They can also help ease pain and reduce pressure for people suffering plantar fasciitis, bunions, nerve pain and pronation/supination (feet rolling in or out). Some of these conditions cause a great deal of discomfort and pain in the feet. All of these issues can cause imbalances, leading to pain in the body.

What do orthotics do?

Enertor Medical Bespoke Orthotic insoles are specially designed inserts for your shoes. If you have a problem with your gait or the way your foot falls when you walk, the inserts can help correct it. Instead of providing a flat surface like standard shoe soles, orthotic insoles have raised sections that help to prevent poor placement of the feet. This additional support can change the way your foot falls when standing and walking. When orthotic insoles are used, a lot of people find instant relief from pain in the ankle, knee and lower back. Studies have begun to explore if orthotic insoles can also help relieve pain for people who suffer lower back pain from other sources, such as herniated discs. If you'd like to find out more about Enertor insoles and how they can reduce lower back pain, visit our page on lower back pain injuries.

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