PX1® Technology

For 20 years Enertor, with their revolutionary shock absorbing insoles, have been helping elite athletes from Professional Football players,
Tour de France winners and Olympic champions including Usain Bolt perform better and stay injury free.

After extensive trials and testing with elite athletes from around the World, Enertor® is pleased to announce the launch of its newest insole and flat sheets in PX1® for the Orthoses market.

Designed and manufactured in Britain. PX1 is a revolutionary, durable, shock absorbing material that can reduce the shock by up to 60% to protect against pain and injury.

There is a high need for underfoot material which is lighter and thinner but still provides high levels of shock absorption to protect against injuries.

PX1® delivers outstanding improvements in 5 critical areas

Greater shock absorption

Improved softness

Reduced thickness

Reduced weight

Greater enery return

PX1® has been deleloped to meet the high demands from professionals asking for shock absorbing materials with less bulk and high durability

How does PX1® deliver such great shock absorption?

PX1® is a proprietary co-polymer material formulated specifically for insoles and orthotics applications, which contains a unique mix of hard hydroclusters linked with soft chains.

The soft areas ensure comfort, while the hard hydro clusters absorb and dissipate impact energy when walking or running, reducing the shock to lower limb, hip and back.

This combination responds smartly to the changing pace of life all day long by providing comfort as well as excellent shock absorption, and significant fatigue and injury reduction.

This is how PX1® can deliver both comfort and protection for all walks of life.

Just how good is PX1® technology?

The technology is used by elite athletes from Premier League Footballers and Olympic Athletes including Usain Bolt.

After extensive scientific testing we are confident that your patients will also benefit.