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D3O Insoles 3/4 Length

D3O Insoles 3/4 Length

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Perfect for everyday use in tighter fitting shoes where additional material in the toe box becomes too tight. Each insole sticks to the shoe and can easily be removed and transferred to another pair of shoes. Benefits: General improvement of shock protection in the heel and midfoot. Ideal for those that experience heel pain, forefoot discomfort and/or lower limb fatigue as a result of being on their feet for long periods at any one time.

Key benefits

  • Flat profile, without arch support
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Particularly comfortable where the toe box is tight
  • Moulded for improved fit in almost all shoe types
  • Protects the mid-foot as well as the heel
  • Sticky pad on underside ensures secure fit
  • Durable - lasts over 7 times as long as standard insoles
  • Improves muscle function, reduces fatigue
  • Certified Class1 Medical device
  • Suitable for diabetics and those recently recovering from leg surgery
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