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Balance Kit with Flight Case

Balance Kit with Flight Case

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The Enertor® balance system is a prefabricated insole system that includes 6 pairs of neutral shells ranging from XS through to XXL.

This kit can be used as a chair-side prescribing solution, using the 3 or 5 degree wedges you can simply decide what degree is right for your patient.

These wedges can be used to determine rearfoot and forefoot posting.

The unique profile of our orthotic shell allows for a superior amount of rear-foot control and mid-foot support, whilst maintaining a low volume within the patient’s footwear.

All of our orthotic shells within the range come with a lifetime guarantee of the patient, offering peace of mind and confidence when using the Enertor® balance system.

Please ensure you’ve attached all relevant data and foam boxes or casts are sent in the post to our address

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